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MPS2014, Metz, 16th-18th July 2014

The scientific program of this biennial international conference emphasizes current hot topics in the field of radiation interaction with matter. These include electron-electron correlation effects in excitation and in single and multiple ionisation of atoms, molecules, clusters and surfaces with various projectiles : electrons, photons and ions. The aim is to promote the growth and exchange of scientific information on these areas of atomic and molecular physics.

The most recent meetings have been held in Berlin (Germany, 2012), Sendai (Japan, 2010), Paris (France, 2008), Rome (Italy, 2006).

Web site:  mps2014.event.univ-lorraine.fr/


Conference e-mail: mps2014-contact@univ-lorraine.fr

Professor Ugo Ancarani
E-mail: ugo.ancarani@univ-lorraine.fr
Tel: +33 387547255
SRSMC, ICPM, Université de Lorraine, 1 bd Arago, 57078 Metz, France